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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a franchise company. So every store is different and will charge different prices for their auto repairs. For standard maintenance such as oil changes, tire changes and replacement, they are fair. For repairs, both difficult and easy, they generally charges more the average garage repairmen and sometimes equivalent to what a dealer charges without the skills or knowledge of an authorized auto dealer. Even a light bulb change is overprice!

Verdict: Recommended for standard maintenance only such as oil changes and tire replacements

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Mariott VISA

$120 annual fee, but waived for the first year. 1 free hotel stay annually which will offset the cost of the annual fee of $120. You will also get a sign up bonus of 30 000 Mariott points, equivalent to 1.5 free hotel stays. They say up to 5 free nights, but the truth is, to stay in a decent, convenient hotel, the points would only give you 1 free hotel stay plus the additional free annual hotel stay. So the total is really 2 free hotel stays for the first year.

This card also does not charge a Foreign Currency transaction fee, meaning you can use to pay for items of another currency without being charge the 2.5% commission fee, but the Amazon Visa also gives you this same deal without the annual fee. You also get car rental insurance. So if you travel and need to rent a car, this card would be ideal because it will protect you from auto insurance and you don't have to pay the Foreign Currency Transaction Fee.

Verdict: Recommended if you need to stay in a Mariott hotel every year.

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Amazon Visa

No annual and no foreign transaction fee and a 1% cash back reward. That means, currency conversion is calculated using VISA international rates. Other credit cards charge 2.5% foreign transaction fee.

Simply put, use this card to pay for expense from a different currency and you won't have to pay the 2.5% fee!

Verdict: Recommended
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Kanwaljit Channe

Mississauga, Ontario

Verdict: Not Recommended

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ScotiaGold Passport Visa Card

Why would I recommend a card with an annual fee of up to $110? Because in the end, if you travel frequently, this card should pay for itself. In addition to all the travel insurance, it offers a 5% discount on flights if you call Scotiabank travel agents. Scotiabank travel agents charges you a lower price, often cheaper than other travel agents. That is, Scotiabank Travel agents does not collect any commission selling their flights.


Verdict: Recommended

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Ultramar NBC Mastercard

Although this card advertises itself as a gas card, it actually has a better cash back value than most other cards. If you spend more than $9000 per year, this card offers a FULL 1.25% cash back. Other bank cash back credit cards are frequently tiered.


Verdict: Recommended only if you spend more than $9000 a year on places that accept Mastercard
Updated: March 20, 2014 at 3:26 AM

ScotiaBank Momentum Infinite Visa

This card  offers 4% cash back on gas and groceries, and 1% on everything else. It also has an annual fee of $99. Compared to the MBNA Smart Cash, you would need to spend $5000 a year on gas and groceries to break even. That's a $100 a week. If you spend more than $5000 on gas a groceries that accept VISA a year, then this card is the better choice. Note that No Frills, a popular grocery store, does not accept VISA. 

For me, personally, I do shop at No Frills and do no fill up $100 a week on gas.


Verdict: Recommended only for those who spend more than $5000 on gas and groceries on stores that accept VISA
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Scotiabank credit cards

Overall, as a credit card company, I find Scotiabank to provide friendly and client oriented services. They resolve issues and solve customer concerns and can be forgiving when their customers makes a minor mistake.


Verdict: Recommended

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Capital One Aspire Mastercard

Capital One appears to be downsizing. In the past, they had credit cards with 1% cash back plus an additional 0.5% annual cash back. Then, it slid down to an additional 0.25% annual cash back. 

Now, they have removed the additional annual cash backs and only offer 1% hassle free cash back. Still, their hassle free cash back means you can get the cash back any time you want. Unlike other cash credit cards that require you to reach a certain spending amount or wait a year. Their hassle free reward program is the best one out there!

Verdict: Recommended
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George Politis


5071 Highway 7 East, Markham, Ontario
L3R 1N3

Verdict: Not Recommended

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