Updated: August 18, 2014 at 3:56 AM

Getting Married

There seems to be an unusual image regarding marriage. People seem to think marriage tradition that is meant to be like God has designed us to get married and live happily together forever. You probably got that from the movies.

I have spoken to many people and observer many statistics, it is in my opinion, more to lose to than to gain once you are married, especially in Canada.

First, the Canadian government wants you to get married. It is financially in their best interest that you get married. This way, the burden is on you as a couple and not on the government. The government does what they can to force marriage such as unfairly using married by common law. 

Second, the likelihood of you getting a divorce is 50%. You are simply flipping a coin. And that doesn't mean just because you are married means you are happy. There are plenty of unhappily married couples. So, how many happy married couples exist. Statistically (and I really do not know what their unit of measurement is for "happy"), they say it is roughly 20% of all married who did not divorce. This means of the 100% of married couples, 50% will get a divorce and 40% will stay un unhappily married and only 10% will be happy.

We will leave divorce for another article, but getting a divorce is even less recommended, especially for rich, kind men who marry greedy wives!

Verdict: Not Recommended

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