Updated: March 26, 2014 at 6:40 PM

Pass emissions testing

Category: How To Auto Repair

In Ontario, a car that is 5 years or older must pass an emissions test every two years in order to get their license sticker renewed.

With the new emissions testing standards set in 2013, every car must have their service light engine turned off. This requirement really restricts how long a car can be kept because service engine lights are the most difficult to repair on a car. 

However, there is one exception that allows Ontarians to continue driving even if they can't pass the emissions test. Ontario government allows cars that require more than $450 in repairs a conditional pass. This conditional pass means that you can drive your car in spite of the fact that your car needs repair as long as you have put in more $450 to repair the car. $450 is a lot, but buying a new car cost way more and the depreciation rate of a purchased will always be more than $450 per year.

So if you ever end up with the issue that your car needs more repair that you can fund, than a find a mechanic that can conduct Emissions testing and possess the knowledge to assist in labelling your car as conditional pass. Save your money and ask a skilled mechanic.
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