Updated: March 25, 2014 at 4:51 AM

When is the right time to get a new a car?

Category: How To Auto Repair

Cars cost around $25 000 - $35 000. It is best for your value to get a 6 month old car rather than a brand new car. This can save you $6000- $8000. Cars start to have problems after 5 to 7 years. So, doing the math, a $30 000/6 years=$5000 per year.

So if your car repair continue to cost more than $5000 per year, you should replace it. But you cano't really predict how much a car would cost to repair in the future. However, you can assume, your car will be more expensive to repair as it gets older. Therefore, unless if you own a valuable car, if your car had cost you around $2000-$3000 in repairs in one year, it is time to to look into replacing it.

Currently, with the quality of cars being made, the average car on the road is 11.4 years old. This means, any quality, well maintained car can last 15 years before you should want to replace it. 
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