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Haiyan Guangyuan Packing Co., Ltd

Established in 1992, Zhejiang Haiyan Guangyuan Packing Co., Ltd. is located in Tongyuan Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, China. It is only 120 kilometers away from Shanghai and 70 kilometers away from Hangzhou in the west. The transportation is convenient. The company uses PVC, PET, PS, PP, APET, OPS and other anti-static, gold-plated, general environmental protection, flocking (wool) raw materials, according to customer requirements, manufacturing all kinds of packaging molding, pressure forming products. The products are characterized by crystal clear, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Widely used in hardware, daily necessities, medicine, gifts, IT. Cosmetics, health supplies, stationery, electronics, toys, handicrafts, clothing and other internal and external packaging. https://www.guangyuanpacking.com/product/corrugated-pipe/

Shiquan East, Tongyuan Town,Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province,

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