Updated: March 20, 2014 at 6:04 PM

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Given the perks of a free oil change and 4 additional ones for $20, every year, this service is saves you more than CAA.

However, they're representatives are not as friendly. The free oil change and the 4 discounted oil change also has a catch. There are additional hidden fees like disposable fees and environmental fee. So it ends up being $10 more than the actual price. Even the free oil change will cost you $10. One more thing to note is that their cashiers are not fully trained to give you this discount. So sometimes they mess up and not charge all those fees. Other times, they make you wait and waste your time because they are too busy figuring out how to charge you.

Overall, these minor hiccups does not impact the fact that they still provide the service as promised for a lower price.


Verdict: Recommended

Categories: Roadside assistance


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