Updated: March 20, 2014 at 11:29 AM

Mariott VISA

$120 annual fee, but waived for the first year. 1 free hotel stay annually which will offset the cost of the annual fee of $120. You will also get a sign up bonus of 30 000 Mariott points, equivalent to 1.5 free hotel stays. They say up to 5 free nights, but the truth is, to stay in a decent, convenient hotel, the points would only give you 1 free hotel stay plus the additional free annual hotel stay. So the total is really 2 free hotel stays for the first year.

This card also does not charge a Foreign Currency transaction fee, meaning you can use to pay for items of another currency without being charge the 2.5% commission fee, but the Amazon Visa also gives you this same deal without the annual fee. You also get car rental insurance. So if you travel and need to rent a car, this card would be ideal because it will protect you from auto insurance and you don't have to pay the Foreign Currency Transaction Fee.

Verdict: Recommended if you need to stay in a Mariott hotel every year.

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