Updated: August 18, 2014 at 3:18 PM

Pivot Card

Pivot card by Petro Canada is a prepaid mastercard saves you 5 cents in gas for every dollar you load in which is equivalent to 5% cash back. When I first started using this card, it was actually quite a struggle. Calling their support centre, you get a out of country workers that have very, very, very strong accents to the point where I could not even understand them.

Also, because this is a prepaid card and you have to load the card, be aware if there is a mistake such as there was a withdrawal error, you will have to wait a week before you can use the card because the withdrawal error to take a week to rectify and your allotted spending amount accordingly to the amount on the error during that time.

Another concern is the no refund or exchanges on their vouchers. To load money into your prepaid Pivot credit card, you have to purchase these vouchers that can be valued up $250. These vouchers have to no refund or exchanges. So what happens when you purchase defective one? I have not run into this problem, but I have always wondered. One may argue why I just do not buy the less expensive vouchers. For every time you load a voucher, there is a charge. So to minimized your cost, it is best to load the maximum amount.

Having said all this, I have yet to run into a problem where Petro Canada has not resolved. With 5% savings, is it worth the risk. So far, all issues seem to have resolved. So I am still going to recommend this card until I run into an unresolved issue.

The key idea behind maximizing your return and minimizing cost is to load the largest $250 and spend it all at once because there is a charge for every transaction.

Verdict: Recommended
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