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Two types of ways to get rich quick

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1. You became a scam artist and scam others.
2. You got lucky. You won the lottery. You happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

In this world, there are very few opportunities to become rich quickly. The chances of you being successful and establishing a business, globally is virtually non-existent. The chances of you or anyone becoming a CEO of a million dollar company overnight is unheard of. The chances of anyone building quick wealth in this global economy gets harder and harder as the world become more efficient.

Don't bother paying those get rich quick products. They don't work. Don't bother attending a free get rich quick seminar. They are free because they want to sell you a product and need your full attention to trick you into buying. Anything they tell you can be obtained for free on-line.

The best way to get rich is by going back to basics.
1. Get more education to advance your career. The more you learn, the more marketable you become to compete in this global economy.
2. Learn to invest. Don't asking a financial advisor. They're knowledge is no greater than yours, if you get an education and you won't have to pay them a commission. Don't investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds only make money for the financial broker. For every person that made money in mutual funds, someone is losing it. Don't bother paying anyone to help make you money. This strategy has never been proven to be successful. Three general investments you can look into are Real Estate, Stocks and starting your own business.
3. Learn to spend efficiently. In this global economy, there are many trends you should already be aware. You do not need to buy the latest gadgets like the latest television or computers. A $2000 television or laptop will go down to $500 in two years. Keep technology related products to a $500 maximum. Anything more expensive than that generally goes down in price quickly. Don't buy books, CD, newspaper or any soft products. These types of products waste space and can be obtain on-line for less.

Using these simple ideas, you will not get rich quickly. You may not even get rich, but you will get richer. Any other way will only make your poorer.

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